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Herefordshire and Worcestershire League Match Reports

Please find below some of the latest match reports that have been sent in. We are aiming to keep this page updated as much as possible.

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Goodrich 'B'ashers

On Sunday, 23rd June, Goodrich 'B'ashers travelled to Ross to play their B team on their smart new courts. 

First pair Jill Brown and Katie Hunt got off to a good start against the first Ross pair, Lyn and Jill, taking the first set 6-4.  Then it was the turn of Lyn and Jill to dominate the second set, winning it 6-1, and level the match.  With long rallies and precision play from both pairs, it was Ross who sealed the third set 3-6.  Meanwhile, the 'B'ashers second pair, Wendy Jenkins and Kirsten Mathews, enjoyed a good first set against their opposite number, Lynn and Hayley, quickly wrapping up the first set 6-1.  The second set however was a different story as Lynn and Hayley got into their stride, with some high speed serves coming off Hayley's racket.  Games went with serve, when at 6-6 it was time for a tie-break, and although they fell slightly behind, Wendy and Kirsten managed to overhaul the score and win the second set, 7-6.  With one rubber apiece but Goodrich ahead on sets, all was to play for in the second round.  This time 'B'ashers Jill and Katie saw the first set of their second rubber go the way of Ross, 3-6, but then reversed this in the second set 6-3.  Determined not to let the third set get away from them, Jill and Katie kept cool heads and sealed it 6-4. 

In their second rubber, 'B'ashers second pair Wendy and Kirsten, now playing the Ross first pair, had to go the distance.  They sailed through the first set 6-0, but then Ross pair Jill and Lyn had other ideas and seized the second set 2-6. Wendy and Kirsten had to dig deep and maintain their discipline in the third set, as long rallies and high lobs ensued.  With the score line at 5-3 in favour of Ross, the Goodrich pair were determined not to capitulate and managed to win the next four games and wrap up the third set 7-5, and an overall win of 3 rubbers to one. 

This keeps the 'B'ashers top of Division 5 West in the H & W Summer League, with four wins from four matches.

Goodrich B

Wendy Jenkins, Kirsten Mathews, Katie Hunt and Jill Brown.


Goodrich 'C'hasers

On Monday, 17th June, Goodrich 'C'hasers made the short journey to Woolhope to play their C team. 

The strong partnership of Carolyn Riddell and Kayla Coopey got off to a flying start when they recorded their best win yet, taking their first rubber 6-0 / 6-2 against the Woolhope first pair.  However second pair, Karen Hawley and Ros Wadsworth, had more of a challenge on their hands after winning the first set 6-4, but losing the second set 4-6.  The third set then went all the way to a tie-break which was eventually won by Woolhope. 

After the change-over, Carolyn and Kayla showed their strength and excellent shot selection by again only dropping two games in their second rubber, this time 6-1 / 6-1.  In a repeat of their first rubber, Karen and Ros took the first set, this time 6-2, but could not capitalise on their lead and again saw the second set slip away, 3-6.  So one set each, and the third set again going to another tie-break, with Woolhope again coming out on top. 

Although equal on rubbers, two apiece, 'C'hasers had the all important extra sets, which means they got a winning draw, and keeps them in top spot of Division 6 West of the H & W Ladies Summer League. 

Goodrich C

l - r:- Karen Hawley, Carolyn Riddell, Ros Wadsworth, Kayla Coopey


Bromsgrove Ladies D

Ladies D team away match against Stourbridge F team, June 8th

The Bromsgrove duo Rosalind Cooke and Carol Cornelissen have played together before but not this summer, so as a relatively new pairing they were pair 3. They won both of their matches in two sets and were very pleased, but said the first was quite difficult with lots of deuces. The score for the first match was 7 - 5, 6 - 4. Their second match was 6 - 2, 6 - 4.

Yvonne Priestman and Nicole Calthorpe played their 3rd pair first and won, although they said it shouldn’t have gone to 3 sets (6 - 1, 4 - 6, 6 - 2).  The second rubber was more of a challenge, as the Stourbridge pair had upped their game and their style was quite unusual. Stourbridge won the rubber 6 - 0, 6 - 4.

Team captain Claire Hancock and her partner Di Horton were on fire winning both their matches with consummate ease. (6 - 2, 6 - 3) and (6 - 0, 6 - 0). These results pushed Bromsgrove to the top of the league with 44 points and just three matches to go.


Goodrich Ladies 'A'ttitudes

On the evening of Thursday, 23rd May, with the sun still shining and conditions perfect, the Goodrich Ladies 'A'ttitudes travelled to Manor Park to play their 'B' team in Division 3 of the H & W Summer League.

Cheryl Mordecai and Kim Martin took on the Manor Park first pair and got off to a good start, racing to a 4-1 lead, but they were then pegged back to 4-4, before taking the next two games to get the set 6-4. In the second set they consolidated their  advantage, taking it 6-1. Whilst the Goodrich number two pair of Cath Hutchinson and Rachael Wintle cruised to a comfortable win against the Manor Park third pair, dropping just two games.

The Goodrich third pair of Stephanie Howell and Kirsten Ainsworth, had a far tougher battle but also won out, 6- 3 / 6-4.  In the second round, Cheryl and Kim beat the number two couple, 6-2 / 6-2, but Cath and Rach struggled against the first pair. The evening katabatic wind had set in making conditions tricky and they really struggled to lift themselves, which was unusual  for this upbeat pair, however no disgrace they lost to a strong first pair 0-6 / 2-6. Meanwhile Kirsten and Steph, with their usual grit and determination, won their final rubber 6-0 / 6-4. So an overall 5 rubbers to 1 win, and 12 hard fought points.

goodrich tennis


Bromsgrove Tennis Club

On Saturday 18th May 2019 Bromsgrove Mixed Team D played a home rubber against Moreton in Marsh. The Bromsgrove team was formed by Captain Annabel Whitmore, Clare Carter, Paul Douglas and Graham Walker. There was a hint of rain in the air, but it stayed fine and mild. Perfect playing conditions.

The Moreton team proved to be very strong opposition, with 23 year old Matt Elliot performing like an indefatigable Duracell bunny, chasing balls that the Bromsgrove players deemed unretrievable! Matt was partnered by Catherine Arkell, whose good length shots were difficult to pick up.

Although winning the first game to love, Annabel Whitmore and Graham Walker went on to lose all the following games, with the match result being 6 - 1, 6 - 0. In defence of the Bromsgrove duo several games went to deuce, but they could not convert it into a win.

Meanwhile on the next court Clare Carter and Paul Douglas fared a little better, losing their match 6 - 1, 6 - 1 against Brian Lomas and Catherine Fisher.

In their second match Whitmore and Walker could do nothing to stem the flow, with Lomas and Fisher dominating from the start. They lost the match to zero.

Meanwhile on the next court Paul Douglas and Clare Carter were in fighting spirit, trying hard to get some games on the scoresheet for the home team. Although losing the first set, they did win three games. The second set was a real battle, and for a while everyone thought we would be going to three sets. However the pairing of Elliot and Arkell eventually proved to be too strong, with Matt Elliot’s Duracell batteries still working overtime, the final score being a win to Moreton 6 - 3, 7 - 5.


Goodrich Ladies 'B'ashers

On Saturday, 11th May, Goodrich 'B'ashers travelled to Woolhope to take on their 'B' team in Division 5 West of the H & W Summer League.  First pair, Jill Brown and Wendy Jenkins, both wearing caps to shade their eyes from the bright sunshine, were very pleased to take the first set 6-4 after the score line swung first in favour of Woolhope then Goodrich.  The second set followed a similar pattern until Jill and Wendy were able to get an early break of serve and wrapped up the second set, 6-3. 

Meanwhile, 'B'ashers second pair, Kayla Coopey, making her debut, and Katie Hunt, were in dominant mood and following some good serving and confidant volleying at the net, were able to take the rubber 6-2 / 6-1. 

At the change-over, Jill and Wendy, now playing the Woolhope second pair, got off to a positive start and took the first set 6-3.  However the Woolhope ladies upped their game in the second set, playing a more tactical game, outwitting the 'B'ashers ladies with some short returns and smashes to take the set 5-7.  At one set apiece, and the third set about to commence, Jill and Wendy knew they had to come up with a solution, and after a quick chat, and following their plan of action, they took the set 6-3.  

Kayla and Katie also had a battle on their hands against the Woolhope first pair, but with youth on their side and giving each other plenty of encouragement, they were able to take the first set 7-5.  The second set was an even tighter affair, and at 6-6 it was time for a tie-break, but again Kayla and Katie were up for the challenge, and were happy and relieved to come out the winners.  After two matches the 'B'ashers are top of Division 5 with maximum points.  Their next match is on 16th June, at home to Eardisley 'B'. 

Goodrich Tennis Club


Goodrich Ladies 'B'ashers

On the morning of Sunday, 28th April, Goodrich ladies 'B'ashers travelled to Whitecross, Hereford, to play their 'B' team in Division 5 of the Hereford and Worcester Summer League.  First pair, Kirsten Mathews and Wendy Jenkins, not known for their flying starts , wanted to prove to themselves that they could get a head start on their opposition, and this they did when they took both sets in the first rubber, 6-2 / 6-2. Meanwhile, on the neighbouring court, second pair, Jill Brown and Carolyn Riddell, were also just wrapping up their first rubber with a 6-3 / 6-3 win.  Carolyn, normally a 'C'hasers player, stepped up to play for the 'B'ashers and more than proved herself capable of playing at the next level. 

Not wanting to lose the momentum, Kirsten and Wendy were keen to get on with their second rubber against the Whitecross second pair, and although they won this 6-0 / 6-0, there were some long rallies and several deuces to be contested.  Again, Jill and Carolyn were also closing out their match at the same time, not giving Kirsten and Wendy the chance to give them any encouragement, not that they needed it, as they recorded a 6-1 / 6-2 win.  The two teams then retired to the Whitecross clubhouse where they sat down to a most enjoyable tea.  The 'B'ashers next match is on Saturday, 11th May, when they will travel to Woolhope to play their 'A' team.

Goodrich Tennis Club

l - r:- Jill Brown, Carolyn Riddell, Wendy Jenkins, Kirsten Mathews


Bromsgrove Tennis Club - Ladies F

This team won the league with 46 points above Cutnall Green C on 42.

It was a great winter season considering they were newly promoted into this league last season.

Bromsgrove Ladies F

Back row L to R:
Bella Bracknell, Sue Corfield, Di Horton, Carol Cornelisson, Jane Corbett 

Claire Hancock , Alison Douglas

Bromsgrove Tennis Club, Mixed D

On 27th April 2019 Bromsgrove Mixed D team played a home match against Belbroughton. The Bromsgrove team was made up of Captain, Barry Ross who partnered Anne Simper, and Justin Kai whose partner was Sarah Davies.

Although bright and sunny, the strong winds which prevailed throughout the afternoon caused major difficulties. The Belbroughton team coped better with the inclement conditions, winning all their matched comfortably. 

Bromsgrove Mixed D


Bromsgrove Tennis Club, Ladies D

On  28th April Bromsgrove Ladies D team played a match against Bromsgrove Ladies E team. An inter club league match is always very difficult, as all the players involved know each other well and are good friends. Needless to say the matches were competitive, but played in a sporting manner,  in warm sunshine.

Sue Corfield and Jane Corbett got off to a flying start against Claire Hancock and Di Horton, but Claire and Di quickly regained their composure and went onto win the first set 7 - 5. It was a close fought set, with many games going to deuce. The duo of Hancock and Horton went on to win the second set 6 - 1. Their match against Annabel Whitmore and Clare Nisbet was a close run thing, with the final result being 7 - 6, 7 - 5.

Sue Corfield and Jane Corbett battled hard in their second match against Sue Murray and Nicola Calthorpe. Although losing, the match went to three sets with the D team pair winning 3 - 6, 6 - 4, 6 - 1.  Murray and Calthorpe were successful in their second match against Claire Carter and Wendy Fenton. Although losing the first set they went on to dominate the match , the final result being 5 - 7, 6 - 0, 6 - 2.

Meanwhile the final pairing of Yvonne Priestman and Rosalind Cooke beat Whitmore and Nisbett 6 - 2, 6 - 2, and went on to win their second match against Claire Carter and Wendy Fenton 6 - 0, 6 - 1.

A good crowd was in attendance, enjoying the excellent tennis and the beautiful Spring sunshine.


Goodrich Ladies 'A'ttitudes

On Sunday, 14th April, Goodrich Ladies 'A'ttitudes played their last match of the Winter season in Division 3 West of the H & W Winter League. 

Playing at home against Worcester 'C', the 'A'ttitudes needed a win to finish in second place, although promotion was not on the cards as only the top team goes through, and Manor Park 'B' had too many points to be overtaken. 

Having already beaten Worcester 'B' earlier in the season the 'A'ttitudes were looking for a repeat performance, with Cheryl Mordecai and Stephanie Howell leading the way with a 6-4/6-2 win in the first rubber.  Second pair, Cath Hutchinson and Rachael Wintle, did even better with a 6-1/6-1 victory. 

In the second rubber Cheryl and Steph dropped just a single game, coming off court with a 6-1/6-0 win.  Meanwhile Cath and Rachael, now playing the Worcester first pair, took a little while to adjust to a different style of play, and saw the first set go against them, 4-6. 

However, plenty of encouragement from each other and the spectators, saw them take the second set 6-3 and the third set 6-0, which meant the 'A'ttitudes took all 10 points and finish in a well earned second place in Division 3 West - well done ladies.

Goodrich Tennis club

Goodrich Ladies 'C'hasers

Having just finished their Winter season, Goodrich Ladies 'C'hasers were straight into their Summer matches in Division 6 West of the H & W Summer League as they travelled to Leominster on Thursday, 18th April to play their 'B' team.  'C'hasers first pair, Carolyn Riddell and Kayla Coopey, playing their first match together, got off to a shaky start, losing the first set 4-6, but made light work of the second, winning it 6-1.  With one set apiece, the third set was a very tight one, going all the way to a tie-break, which went in favour of Carolyn and Kayla.  Second pair, Ros Wadsworth and Karen Hawley, also saw their first set go the way of Leominster, 4-6, but they then took the second set 6-0.  Again, a tie-break in the third set was played out, and it was Ros and Karen who came out winners. 

In their second rubber, Carolyn and Kayla, were able to win in straight sets, 6-1/6-2, much to their delight.  Ros and Karen were not so lucky though, and would be on court for much longer.  Taking the first set 6-2, they then let the second set get away from them, 2-6.  True to form the third set again went to a tie-break, and having already been in this position earlier in the evening, Ros and Karen used the experience to their advantage and came out on top.  Taking all 10 points it is a great start to the Summer season for the Goodrich 'C'hasers.

Goodrich Tennis Club


Bromsgrove Tennis Club

Men's G Team

On 7th April Bromsgrove mens’ G team played a home match against a strong team fielded by Blakedown and Hagley. The Bromsgrove number one pairing of Martin German and Stewart  Rodney were not up to their usual form, and lost their match 2 - 6, 3 - 6. Meanwhile, Alan Colley and Rich Hope for Bromsgrove battled hard in their match, losing the first set 5 - 7, with their opponents going on to win the second set 6 - 3.

The Bromsgrove duo of German and Rodney lost their second match 4 - 6, 2 - 6. However, Alan Colley and Rich Hope were in determined mood for their second match, which proved to be a hard fought battle, going to three sets, with the home team finally winning 4 - 6, 6 - 3, 6 - 2.

In spite of the overall result, Bromsgrove look likely to secure 3rd spot in the division when they play their next match against Cutnall Green.

Men's F Team

Bromsgrove men’s F team played Worcester away in the Men’s Winter League, Division 10 East.

Bromsgrove's 1st pair Barry Ross and Giles Hyder won their opening match against Stephen Andrews and Barnaby Struthers 6-2 and 6-4 and followed it with a 7-5, 6-2 victory against their second opponents Kieron Dobson and Edward Ling. Both matches were comfortable wins for the visitors. Unfortunately it was a different story for Bromsgrove's second pairings, Martin Higgins and Harrison Lea. In their opening match they lost 6-2, 6- 2 to Dobson and Ling. 

Sadly for Bromsgrove, this match confirmed the visitors’ relegation.

Bromsgrove FBromsgrove F


Goodrich Ladies 'B'ashers

On Saturday, 30th March, with the temperature peaking at 16oC, Goodrich 'B'ashers were playing host to Woolhope 'A' in their final match of the Winter Season in Division 4 West of the H & W League.  First pair, Jill Brown and Kim Martin, got off to an excellent start against the Woolhope first pair, winning the first set 6-2, but then a slight dip in their performance opened the door for Woolhope to take the second set 1-6.  At one set apiece, both pairs were looking to close out the deciding set, and it was a tense affair, but it was Jill and Kim who were able to claim victory as they once again raised their game to close out the third set, 6-1.  Meanwhile 'B'ashers second pair, Kirsten Mathews and Wendy Jenkins, had a comfortable win against their opposite number, 6-1 / 6-0, although there were a number of deuce points that had to be converted in their favour.  This early finish enabled Kirsten and Wendy to join the spectators sitting in the sunshine on the patio to cheer on their team mates. 

After a short break for some liquid refreshment, play resumed, with Jill and Kim now playing the Woolhope second pair, and in similar fashion to Kirsten and Wendy, they dropped just two games, registering a 6-1 / 6-1 win.  Kirsten and Wendy knew their second rubber would be more challenging as the Woolhope first pair were both left-handers, a difficult combination to play against.  When they found themselves 1-4 down they knew they had to change their tactics otherwise they would soon be a set down.  After a quick problem solving chat, Kirsten and Wendy were able to turn the score line around to take the set 7-5, and continuing with their new game plan took the second set 6-2, much to their delight.  Having taken all 10 points, this puts the 'B'ashers back in second place in Division 4, but may not be enough to get promoted, as Kempsey, one place below them, still have a match to play but will need to get an outright win against Worcester 'D' next Sunday. 

Goodrich Ladies B

Watch this space to find out if Goodrich 'B'ashers get promoted, along with Ross 'B' who have already won the league.


Goodrich Ladies 'D'ynamos

On Saturday, 23rd March, Goodrich 'D'ynamos played host to top of the table promotion seeking M.C.S. 'B' Ladies in Division 6 of the H & W Winter League, the final match of the season for both teams.  With conditions perfect for tennis, Goodrich first pair, Shani Courtney and Debbie Trigg, were slow to get started and saw the first set go M.C.S.'s way, 0-6.  The second set was more evenly balanced and at 4-4 it could have gone either way, but the more experienced M.C.S. pair were able to break serve then serve the set out, 4-6.  'D'ynamos second pair, Karen Hawley and Ros Wadsworth, had a very close battle in their first rubber, and were disappointed to lose the first set on a tie-break, 6-7. Although Karen and Ros played some excellent tennis in the second set, again it was the M.C.S. pair who tasted victory with a 4-6 win.

Goodrich Tennis

After a short break and some liquid refreshments it was time to resume play.  Now playing the M.C.S. second pair, it was Shani and Debbie's turn to take their first set to a tie-break but like their team mates they came out the wrong side, 6-7 in favour of the opposition.  Not letting their heads drop Shani and Debbie dug deep but could not stop the second set going the same way as the first, this time 4-6.  Karen and Ros, now playing the M.C.S. first pair, took a while to adapt to different opposition and saw the first set slip away, 1-6.   Changing tactics slightly in the second set, Karen and Ros were delighted to get a set in their favour, 6-4, but their joy was short-lived as the third set again went the way of M.C.S., 3-6, who had more match experience at key moments.  Congratulations to M.C.S. 'B' who will be playing in Division 5 next Winter, and to Goodrich 'D'ynamos who finished with a very respectable 26 points, well done ladies. 

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