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Herefordshire and Worcestershire League Match Reports
Winter 2019/20

Please find below some of the latest match reports that have been sent in. We are aiming to keep this page updated as much as possible.

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Goodrich Ladies 'E'liminators

On Saturday, 7th March, Goodrich 'E'liminators travelled to Malvern to play  MCS 'C' in Division 6 of the H & W Winter League.  Unfortunately MCS were only able to field one pair, so only two rubbers were played, the other two being conceded by MCS.

The conditions were great for a game of tennis, no sun, wind or rain, making a welcome change. With the Malvern hills in the distance Goodrich first pair, Debbie Trigg and Shani Courtney, were first on court. The opening game was a particularly long one, with many deduces, and  unfortunately for Goodrich the home team took the first game.  Debbie and Shani were left wondering if all the games going to be this long. However they slowly found their rhythm and settled into the match, and after levelling the score at 2-2, they finished the first set off at 6-2.  The second set proceeded in a similar manner, again favouring Goodrich, 6-2.  Both sets were finished in under an hour, so then it was Shelley  Gwilliam and Rosemary Chatteron's turn on court having sat spectating Debbie and Shani, and worked out in advance their game plan.

This was the first time Shelley and Rosemary had played together as a pair, they soon gelled and could often be heard calling out words of encouragement to each other. Some amazing shots were made by Shelley down the line which the MCS players had to concede were way to good for them to return. Rosemary proved to her younger partner that she too could run with speed around the court, returning some outstanding shots, and recording an outstanding result, 6-1 / 6-1.  A great day for Goodrich 'E'liminators who face their last opponents on Thursday, 12th March, at home to Hallow 'C'.

goodrich tennis club

L to R: Shani Courtney, Shelley Gwilliam, Rosemary Chatterton and Debbie Trigg

Halesowen Tennis Club - Mixed A

Halesowen Mixed A Team secured their 5th league title and sixth promotion in 6 seasons. A 3-1 win away against Bromsgrove C on Thursday confirms we are champions!! This takes our winter unbeaten run to 24 matches, stretching over 4 years with our last loss coming on 20th February 2016.

The season started with a 4-0 home win against a rival who earned promotion with us last season, David Lloyd Dudley A. Unfortunately only sending one pair meant we started 2-0 ahead. George & Yvonne along with Chris & Nikki earning the other two rubbers. Another 4-0 home win soon followed, this time against Moreton-in-Marsh A. Despite a few showers, Chris & Yvonne with Sean & Hannah managed to win all matches in straight sets confirming a strong start in a higher division.

Just before Christmas saw a very close encounter away against Worcester E. In 3 of the matches we lost the first set, Chris & Yvonne twice coming back from a set down to win in 3 sets. Sean and Hannah winning one after losing the first set and winning the second in straight sets. After Christmas came the challenge of a home match against David Lloyd Bromsgrove B, Chris & Yvonne winning their first match, but losing the second. Sean & Hannah losing the first match, but bouncing back to win the second saw us secure a winning draw by 4 games.

At the second attempt, the first date falling to Storm Dennis. We again travelled to Bromsgrove C, knowing that any form of win would secure us the league title. The scores were level half way through, Sean & Rachel winning their first match but Chris & Nikki losing theirs. Sean & Rachel came through a tight second match to lead the tie 2-1. Chris & Nikki securing the 3-1 win, coming back from a set down to win 6-1 in the 3rd set. One match to finish the season at the end of March away against Bewdley A.


Goodrich Ladies 'A'ttitudes

On a weekend without a storm in force, the Goodrich 'A'ttitudes travelled to Worcester to play their penultimate winter league fixture. First pair, Steph Howell and Cheryl Mordecai, had a tight first set against the Worcester first pair but got a vital break at the end of the set to take it 6-4, and a more comfortable second set, 6-3.  Meanwhile back in the clubhouse, second pair Cath Hutchinson and Rachael Wintle had won their first rubber comfortably and quickly, 6-3 / 6-1. The sun and wind which had proved difficult in the first round eased as the afternoon wore on and second round conditions were welcomed by all eight players.

Goodrich first pair Steph and Cheryl, quickly ran out winners against Worcester second pair, 6-1 / 6-0, and returned to the pavilion for a well earned cuppa and biscuit. Meanwhile Cath and Rachael were enjoying the harder hitting contest against Worcester first pair and got a well earned victory, 6-3 / 6-2.  They also returned to the pavilion for some post match refreshments, which included a beer from the bar which opened when the mixed match finished as that had involved the barman! This 10 point victory keeps the team in second place in Division 3 West of the H & W Winter League. The 'A'ttitudes final match will be on 22nd March against Worcester 'B' at Goodrich.

goodrich tennis

L to R: Cath Hutchinson, Rachael Wintle, Steph Howell, Cheryl Morcecai.

Goodrich Ladies 'D'iehards

On Sunday, 23rd February, a dry day, with blue sky and just a few gusts of wind, finally saw Goodrich 'D'ie Hards get their tennis match against Woolhope 'C' underway after cancellations due to the wet weather.  The first pair, Sue Harley and Karla Morris, played Woolhope's first pair, taking the first set 6-1. The second set saw the Woolhope team come back taking the set 7-5. Sue and Karla focused and fought back to take the final set 6-3.  On the other court, second pair Di Webb and Lisa Hill, took on the Woolhope second pair, and after some lengthy well played rallies the Goodrich ladies took the match 6-4 / 6-2.

Di and Lisa's second rubber against the first pair saw a 6-1 first set go to the Goodrich pair. The second set again saw the Woolhope first pair fight back, however Di and Lisa dug deep and managed to successfully take the second set, 6-4.  Meanwhile, Sue and Karla, now playing the Woolhope second pair, after a lengthy first rubber, managed to get a speedier victory 6-1 / 6-0. This 10 point victory sees the 'D'ie Hards return to the top of Division 6 West of the H & W winter league after 5 matches out of 8. 

Goodrich Tennis

L to R: Lisa Hill, Sue Harley, Di Webb, Karla Morris.

Gooodrich Ladies 'E'liminators

On the eve of Storm Ciara, Saturday, 8th February, Goodrich 'E'liminators travelled to Leominster to play their 'B' team for what they knew would be a very challenging match as the L.T.A. statistics showed Leominster had been very successful in their matches to date.

On arrival it became apparent that one end of the court would be a disadvantage with the sun in your eyes, however as play started it was clear the fluctuating temperatures also played its part as both teams continuously removed and replaced their jumpers.  The first rubbers were evenly matched for Debbie Trigg and Shani Courtney, although it was a close call for the second set which secured them a win as it went to a championship tie-break, 6-2 / 7-6.  On the other court, second pair, Lisa Bolster and Shelley Gwilliam, fought a hard match against the strong Leominster second pair, conceding the first set 3-6, and although the second set went to a championship tie-break, this also went the way of the opposition, 6-7.

After a quick break both teams were back on court and also the wind had arrived, which meant the ladies had to adapt to the change in conditions.  There were a few comical moments when the ball came over the net it was blown back to the opponents without even bouncing on the 'E'liminators side of the court.  Debbie and Shani had a great second rubber with some very long rallies, and despite coming back from 4-1, they could not sustain the level of play in difficult conditions and eventually conceded the rubber 4-6 /4-6.  Lisa and Shelley, now playing the Leominster first pair had a hard battle on their hands, losing the first set 4-6, but managed to draw level in the second 6-6, but again the tie-break favoured the opposition.  One thing was very apparent this weekend, this team are not only a tennis team with respect for each other, but a great group of friends who support each other no matter what.  The 'E'liminators picked up 2 points and keeps them in second place of Division 6 West of the H & W Winter League and they will now face Hallow 'C' on Sunday, 16th February, if Storm Dennis permits it to go ahead!! 

Goodrich Ladies

L to R: Lisa Bolster, Shelley Gwilliam, Debbie Trigg and Shani Courtney

Bromsgrove Tennis Club - Ladies E

On 2nd February Bromsgrove ladies E team played Bewdley C team at home. The result was a losing draw. However, team captain Catherine Moreland said “considering that Bewdley have won everything this season so far and are top of the league by some margin we were quite happy!”

Catherine Maund and Nicky Calthorpe lost their first match 2 - 6, 4 -6. However their second match was a much closer affair, going to three sets. After losing the first set 4 -6, Maund and Calthorpe went on to triumph 6 - 3, 6 - 4 in the remaining two sets.

Bromsgrove duo Alison Douglas and Ros Cooke won their first match 6 - 2, 6 - 0. In their second match the opposition was too strong winning in two sets, 6 - 4, 6 - 4.

Goodrich Ladies 'E'liminators

When playing Winter tennis you are extremely lucky to get the ideal conditions, therefore sometimes you have to just roll with what you have as long as it’s dry. This was the decision faced by Goodrich 'E'liminators and Hereford Whitecross 'B' on Sunday, 2nd February.  It was dry but windy. With the hope that the winds would die down the decision was made to play.

As the first rubbers started it was clear the winds were here to stay and both teams had to change their play accordingly.  It was hard to say whether either end of the courts had an advantage.  Court 2 definitely seemed more exposed to the winds. The two teams were well matched as the first two rubbers both went to a third set. Many great shots were played and in better conditions would have been clear winners, however the wind would pick up just as players tossed the ball for a serve.  At least both teams were able to laugh it off.  The first rubbers ended at the same time despite  each going to three sets, with a win to both teams.

The second round of rubbers proved equally challenging with Debbie Trigg and Shani Courtney again going to a third set, a hard battle that unfortunately did not result in a win for them. Whilst on the other court Shelley Gwilliam and Lisa Bolster secured a clear win in two sets, 6-0 / 6-1.

With each team winning two rubbers each, when the games were counted up it was Goodrich 'E'liminators who were the overall winners having won more games, 53 to 46.  A vital 6 points secured and second place in Division 6 West of the H & W Winter League, with 3 matches to go, the next being on Saturday, 8th February, away to Leominster 'B'.  

Goodrich Tennis Club

L to R: Debbie Trigg, Shani Courtney, Shelley Gwilliam, Lisa Bolster.

Goodrich Tennis Club - Mixed

On Sunday, 2nd February, the Goodrich Mixed Team, Merlins, travelled to Boughton Park to play their 'B' team in Division 6 West of the Hereford and Worcester Mixed League.  Goodrich first pair, Karla Morris and Steve Neilson, battled hard against their opposite number, but were out played, 6-2 / 6-0.  Second pair, Lesley Winters and Rob Pye, also lost their first rubber, going down 6-4 / 6-0. 

The second round of matches saw an exciting battle of wits and determination as Karla and Steve, after two hours of play, sealed the rubber, 7-5 / 6-4.  Lesley and Rob were less fortunate in their second rubber, conceding it 6-2 / 6-1, but were able to cheer on Karla and Steve.  The Merlins next match is on Saturday, 22nd February, away to Woolhope 'B'. 

Goodrich Tennis

Goodrich Ladies 'B'ashers

On Sunday, 2nd February, Goodrich ‘B’ashers having not played for 4 weeks, were looking forward to their match at Woolhope against their 'A' team in Division 4 of the H & W Winter League.

Goodrich’s first couple Kirsten Ainsworth and Jill Brown started badly losing their first service game, and the strong Woolhope  first pair pulled ahead but were then pegged back to 4-4. However Woolhope surged forward once again and took the first set, 6-4. The second set also went the way of Woolhope, this time 6-3. Meanwhile, the 'B'ashers second couple, Katie Hunt and Kirsten Mathews, notched up a 6-3 / 6-3 win against the Woolhope second pair.

After the changeover, Katie and Kirsten, on a high from winning their first rubber, also saw off Woolhope’s first couple by a score of 6-1 / 6-0.  Jill and Kirsten, determined to improve on their earlier performance, regrouped and won their second rubber by a score of 6-3 / 6-0, giving the Goodrich 'B'ashers a 3-1 win and 8 points.

Their next match is at home against Manor Park ‘D’ on Sunday, 29th February.

Goodrich Tennis Club - Mixed

On the morning of Sunday, 26th January, despite the dreadful weather, the Goodrich mixed team, consisting of Di Webb, Bonnie Palmer, Steve Neilson and Steve Heard, turned out to host the Ross mixed team, Val Davies, Sarah Drake, Jamie Farr and Martin Davies. 

The first rubber, with the first pairs playing each other, was a very tight affair, with Val and Jamie taking the first set 6-4, but Bonnie and Steve totally dominated the second set, winning it in fine style, 6-0.  With one set apiece, the deciding third set was nip and tuck all the way to a tense tie-break, with Bonnie and Steve tasting victory.

Meanwhile Goodrich second pair, Di and Steve, were slightly overpowered by the strong pairing of Sarah and Jamie, and saw the rubber go to Ross in straight sets, 6-0 / 6-3.

With one rubber apiece but Ross having the advantage of more games, the next round of rubbers commenced.  This time it was Bonnie and Steve who put up plenty of resistance against Sarah and Jamie, but eventually conceded in straight sets, 6-4 / 7-5.

With Di and Steve now facing the first Ross pairing of Val and Jamie, they were level at 2-2 but then Ross broke away and took the first set 6-2, with the second set going the same way, 6-2.  Everyone enjoyed the tennis and were pleased the match had taken place on such a damp and windy day, but were glad to retire to the Clubhouse for post match refreshments.

Goodrich Tennis Club


Ross Tennis Centre - Mixed

The Ross Mixed Team played it’s second match on Sunday 26th January, away at Goodrich. There were several discussions about whether to go ahead due to the weather, but the Ross team captained by Sarah Drake, wanted to go ahead as planned.

There was the usual friendly atmosphere, between the teams as the players knocked up in the wind and rain!  Playing first pair were Jamie Farr and Val Davies, who took the first set from the first pair.  The weather conditions were awful, and some good play from Goodrich meant the set vanished 0-6 to Goodrich. Despite being ahead much of the third set, the Ross pair were affected by the wind and driving cold rain, ultimately lost the match on a
tie-break. The second match for Jamie and Val was more straightforward and the wonderful lobs from Jamie helped the Ross pair to a 6-2,6-2 win.

Playing second pair for Ross, was Martin Davies and Sarah Drake who have had a very successful partnership in the internal leagues in 2019.  The pair made a fantastic start and took the first set against the second pair 6-0. The second set saw the opponents come back but it was not enough, Martin and Sarah took the set 6-3.  There was then a long break while they waited for the first rubber to finish, during which time the players became very cold. When the time came for the Ross second pair to take on the Goodrich first pair Martin and Sarah took the first set 6-4 with consistent, accurate hitting.  With supporters and players watching, the exciting second set went to 5 all.  The Ross duo broke serve and then Sarah served for the match which happily, went the way of the visitors and brought Ross a 3-1 win.

Bonnie’s delicious soup was welcomed by the cold wet players during the match tea.  Good conversation was had, while listening to the rain beat down on the pavilion roof!  Two mixed matches played and the points won today will move the Ross Team up the 6th division, so congratulations team.

Ross Tennis Centre Mixed


Hereford Whitecross Mixed A

Hereford Whitecross Mixed A team continued their winnings ways beating Hallow C in Division 4 Of the Mixed league. Team of Emma Griffiths, Alex Lane, Gabi Gardiner and Tom Harrington won all 4 rubbers in an enjoyable contest.

Hereford Whitecross Mixed A

Next Saturday we entertain Woolhope.

Bromsgrove Ladies F

On 12th January Bromsgrove Ladies F team played a home match against Cutnall Green. Bromsgrove ladies got the new year off to a flying start with a clean sweep, winning all four rubbers.

Anne May and Claire Carter defeated their opponents Moore and Moore in straight sets, 6 - 2, 6 - 3. They went on to win their second match, although the Cutnall Green duo of Knight and Truswell battled hard in the second set, but the result was 6 - 1, 7 - 5.

Annabel Whitmore and Claire Hailstone had stiff opposition in their first match but came through as winners; 7 - 5, 6 - 4. Their second match was an even closer affair, going to three sets. The Bromsgrove pairing won the first set easily 6 - 1. The Cutnall Green ladies fought back, taking the second set 6 - 3, but went on to lose the third set by the same margin.

A fantastic start to 2020 for Bromsgrove!

Goodrich Ladies 'D'ie-hards

On Sunday, 12th January, Goodrich 'D'ie-Hards were playing at home against Ledbury 'C', their first match since the Christmas break.  First pair, Lisa Hill and Di Webb, battled hard, both against the Ledbury first pair and very windy conditions, and were disappointed to lose the first rubber 2-6 / 3-6.  However Ros Wadsworth and Karla Morris, the second pair, playing their first match together, were delighted to record a 6-1 / 6-0 victory against their opposite number. 

With one rubber apiece and Goodrich having a slight game advantage it was all to play for in the second rubber.  Lisa and Di, having refocused after the change-over and keen to improve on their earlier result, got off to a flying start in the first set taking it 6-0, however Ledbury were not going to roll over and at 6-6 it was time to play a tie-break, which Lisa and Di came out as the worthy winners. 

High in confidence following their win in the first rubber, Karla and Ros soon got back into their stride against the Ledbury first pair, dropping just 3 games on the way to a 6-0 / 6-3 win, and enabling the team to pick up 8 points.  This moves the Goodrich 'D'ie-Hards up to third place in Division 6 of the H & W Winter League, one place below Leominster 'B', who they will play on Saturday, 18th January.  

Goodrich Tennis Club

L to R: Karla Morris, Ros Wadsworth, Lisa Hill and Di Webb.

Ross Tennis Centre - Ladies A

Great win for Ross Ladies A Team against Bromsgrove B! Tightly fought 2 rubbers each and 40 games each but fortunately an extra set gave RTC Ladies the Victory!

Ross Tennis Centre

Goodrich Ladies 'A'ttitudes

On Sunday, 12th January, Goodrich 'A'ttitudes travelled to David Lloyd Worcester to play their A team, in Division 3 of the H & W Winter League.  

As the weather was unsettled it was decided to play the match indoors on Worcester's new courts to ensure the match would be completed.  Due to illness the 'A'ttitudes were without Cheryl Mordecai but Kim Martin stepped up to partner Steph Howell, with Rachael Wintle and Cath Hutchinson the other regular pairing. 

DL Worcester are top of Division 3 for good reason, not having dropped a rubber in the four matches they have played so far, and they kept a clean sheet when they took all 10 points against Goodrich, who despite their best efforts could only take 15 games from a very strong DL Worcester team. 

The 'A'ttitudes next match is on Sunday, 9th February when they will host Worcester 'B'. 

Goodrich Tennis Club

L to R: Rachael Wintle, Kim Martin, Steph Howell and Cath Hutchinson


Goodrich Ladies 'B'ashers

On Sunday, 5th January, Goodrich ‘B’ashers travelled to Ludlow for the first match of 2020, in Division 4 West of the H & W Winter League.

In the shadow of the castle, for once in perfect conditions, the two  teams joined battle. First pair Kirsten Ainsworth and Jill Brown had a very tight match against Ludlow’s first pair, narrowly losing the first set on a tie-break (10-8). After taking the lead in the second set, Goodrich were pegged back to 4-4, eventually losing by a score of 6-4.

Meanwhile on an adjoining court Goodrich’s second pair, Katie Hunt and Kirsten Mathews took on the opposition's second pair coming out winners by 6-2 / 6-0. Playing the second pair in the return rubber, the Goodrich first pair managed a 6-3 / 6-2 win.

On the other court Goodrich's second pair had a very hard fought match, losing a close first set by 6-4. They levelled the score by taking the second set by 6-4. The advantage in the deciding set ebbed and flowed from one team to the other with some wonderful rallies; both pairs at their best. Ludlow finally ran out winners 6-4.

Goodrich came away with a winning draw giving them another 6 points. In their next match on Sunday, January 19th, Goodrich play host to Hereford Whitecross ‘A’. 

Goodrich Tennis Club

L to R:- Jill Brown, Katie Hunt, Kirsten Mathews, Kirsten Ainsworth


Goodrich Ladies 'C'hasers

It was an early morning start for Goodrich 'C'hasers when they travelled to Kempsey, and after a very soggy couple of days the ladies were unsure as to how the surface at Kempsey would play.

The first pairing of Bonnie Palmer and Karla Morris, after a quick team talk, decided to keep the points short and not get into lengthy rallies. This was a good tactic, and they quickly wrapped up their first rubber, winning it 6-1 / 6-0.

The second 'C'hasers pairing of Sue Russell and Zena Jenkins took the first set of their rubber 7-6, and were 2 -0 up in the second when injury struck the opposition - one of the Kempsey ladies injured her shoulder and sadly had to retire. This resulted in Bonnie and Karla not having a second rubber so had to sit out, but were gratefully supplied with hot coffee and biscuits on such a cold morning.

Meanwhile Sue and Zena were involved in a close battle in the first set of their second rubber against the Kempsey first pair, and with the support of Bonnie and Karla from the side lines, came out on top winning it 7-6.  The Kempsey pair then took control in the second set winning it 6-3, and finally taking the third on a championship tie-break.  The overall result was a 3 rubbers to 1 win for the Goodrich 'C'hasers, who wish the Kempsey lady a speedy recovery following her shoulder injury.  This puts the 'C'hasers in top spot in Division 5 West of the H & W Winter League after four matches.

goodrich tennis club


Goodrich Ladies 'E'liminators

Following on from their win on Sunday, 3rd November, Goodrich 'E'liminators were looking for a second win on Sunday, 10th November, when they were hosting Kempsey 'C' team. 

'E'liminators first pair, Shani Courtney and Debbie Trigg, a well established pairing, won their first rubber in under an hour in straight sets, 6-1 / 6-1. The match was played at a slower pace to the opposition they faced last week which enabled Shani and Debbie more time to place their winning shots.

Meanwhile second pair, Lisa Bolster and Shelley Gwilliam, also finished their first match in under an hour, winning both sets 6-0 / 6-0. An outstanding performance for a pair who were playing only their second match together, and a promising partnership for the future.

With Goodrich having won both rubbers in the first round, Shani and Debbie's second match followed a similar pattern to their first, providing another win, this time 6-2 / 6-1. 

Lisa and Shelley’s second match provided the team with a clean sweep as they won 6-1 / 6-2. After an hour and 45 minutes all four rubbers were sealed in Goodrich 'E'liminators favour and see's them topping the H & W Winter League Division 6 West table.  The team is now focused on continuing their success when they meet Ledbury 'C' on Saturday, 30th November, aiming for a hat trick of wins.

Goodrich Tennis Club

L to R: Lisa Bolster, Shelley Gwilliam, Debbie Trigg and Shani Courtney.


Bromsgrove Tennis Club

On Sunday 10th November Bronsgrove ladies C team hosted Ombersley A and won 3-1.

The two juniors, Claudia and Bella played number 1 and the long established pair of Steph Armstrong and Beccy Smith played second pair.

Both the home pairs confidently dispatched Ombersley's second pair, however their first pair were a different challenge. The youngsters showed great resilience and came back to win the third set putting Bromsgrove 3 rubbers up. Steph and Beccy then took on the visitors first pair, losing the first set, then winning the second. The third was nip and tuck, eventually ending in a tie break which the Ombersley pair won 10-8.

It was a very friendly game, the visitors complimenting the skill and maturity of the juniors.

Goodrich Ladies 'D'ie Hards

Having two teams in Division 6 West of the H & W Ladies Winter League meant the Goodrich D team played their E team on the evening of Thursday, 24th October.  In the first round both rubbers went to a full third set, with Sue Harley and Karla Morris recording a win for the D's, whilst Shelley Gwilliam and Lisa Bolster, who had not previously met each other, were victorious for the E's.

In the second round however it was the 'D'ie Hards more experienced pairings of Sue and Karla, and Karen Hawley partnering Di Webb, who were able to stamp their authority on the match, 6-3 / 6-1, and 6-3 / 6-3 respectively.  Debbie Trigg and Shani Courtney, the 'E'liminators first pair, were delighted to have taken a set off the 'D'ie Hards first pair, Sue and Karla, which will hold them in good stead for their future matches.  Having been on court for three half hours, the players and their supporters were grateful to retire to the welcoming atmosphere of The Hostelrie for some refreshments.

goodrich tennis club

L to R: Sue Harley, Karla Morris, Karen Hawley and Di Webb

Goodrich Ladies 'B'ashers

On Sunday, 13th October, Goodrich 'B'ashers got off to a flying start at Worcester in Division 4 of the H & W Winter League as both pairs, Kim Martin playing with Carolyn Riddell, and Jill Brown teaming up with Kirsten Mathews, took the first sets, but then got pegged back losing the next two sets to go down in both rubbers.

Determined not to let that happen again, both of the Goodrich pairs once again got off to a fine start taking the opening sets and this time rather than taking their foot off the pedals, they pressed on and wrapped up the second rounds in two straight sets, thus securing a fine winning draw and six points against a strong Worcester 'D' team.

A great start to the Winter campaign.  The 'B'ashers next match will be on Sunday, 17th November, when they will play host to M.C.S. 'A' ladies. 

Goodrich Ladie B

Bromsgrove Tennis Club - Ladies D

The first match of the winter season was played at home against Kidderminster and inspite of recent inclement weather, matches were played in good conditions . 

The Bromsgrove players got off to a flying start with the formidable duo of Claire Hancock and Di Horton (who were making their debut into the D team) gaining a clear victory over their opponents, winning 6 - 1, 6 - 2. Building on this successful start they then won their second match 6 - 2. 6 - 2.

The other Bromsgrove pairing of Claudia Bullock and Bella Bracknell were also in excellent form winning their first match 6 - 1. 6 - 2, following this up with a decisive 6 - 1, 6 -0 victory.

This was a great start for Bromsgrove, giving them a valuable 10 points.

Bromsgrove Tennis Club - Ladies A

On 13th October  Bromsgrove Ladies A team played Leominster A. This was another 4-0 win, which is an excellent start to the winter league.

The established pairing of Sally Franks and Tina Manning (together again after Tina’s injury in the Summer) won their first match against J Hilditch and S Snell 6 - 3, 6 - 1. They went on to win their second match against E Bowen and L Cain 6 - 4, 6 - 1.

The team welcomed back Lucy Simper who has recently been working away. Lucy partnered Katherine Smedley and they had an easy win (6 - 2, 6 - 2) against Bowen and Cain. Their second match against Hilditch and Snell was completed in two sets, 6 - 1, 6 - 0.

Although early in the season, Bromsgrove Ladies A team is proving to be a formidable force.

Bromsgrove Ladies A

Photo (L-R) - Katherine Smedley, Tina Manning, Sally Franks, Lucy Simper 

Bromsgrove Tennis Club - Ladies A

On Sunday 6th October Bromsgrove Ladies A team played against Stourbridge A team in a division 1 match.

This was the first match of the season and Bromsgrove got off to a flying start with a fantastic 4-0 win over a strong Stourbridge side. Rachael Mack and Katherine Smedley won their first match against Skym and Doyle 6 - 4, 7 - 5

This was followed by a convincing 6 -2, 6 -1 win by Sally Franks and her partner Tina Manning.Tina was back after 6 months out injured so team captain Sally was delighted to have her usual doubles partner back on the scene and in excellent form.

Rachael and Katherine followed up their first match win with a victory over Stourbridge’s Hill and Jones 6 - 4, 6 -2 playing well against strong Stourbridge duo. Sally and Tina completed the clean sweep with a 6 -0, 6 - 3 against Skym and Doyle.

Top of the league after 1st match! Bromsgrove play Leominster next Sunday.

Bromsgrove Tennis Club - Ladies E and F

Sunday saw the home derby between Bromsgrove E ( A) and Bromsgrove F ( H ) in terribly unpredictable and windy and wet conditions; not really tennis weather. 

The pairing of Sue Corfield and Jane Corbett  was pitted against Carol Cornelissen and Alison Douglas. After a very lack lustre start from the Home team losing 6-0 , Sue and Jane came back with a bang in the second to win 6-3. the new tie break ruling meant that the third set went to a Championship tie break which Jane C and Sue C lost 10-2. 

The first pair of Claire Carter and Bella Bracknell had a very tight match against the away pairing of Nicky Calthorpe and Ros Cooke winning 7-5,7-6 but the wind was very trying on the top tarmac court. 

The second runner was affected even more by the wind and Sue Corfield and Jane Corbett after a valiant fight in the first set ( a tight loss of 4-6 to the opposition) then lost the wind plot completely and lost 6-0. Alison and Carol then lost to Bella and Claire 0-6, 7-6 , 7-6 . 

In the end it was a tight winning draw to the Bromsgrove away team. Great effort all round in difficult conditions.

Bromsgrove Tennis Club - Men's F

The F team won this by three matches to one, and so got their season off to a flying start. However, the overall results mask the fact that some of the matches were very close. Dave Nichols and Andrew Heap were 5 - 1 up in their tie break against Rich Hope and Brian Barton, but they were pipped to the post, with the F team winning 6 - 1, 2 - 6, 7 - 6.

Alan Colley and Brian Taylor were successful in their first match against Martin German and Craig Horton, winning 6 - 4, 2 - 6, 6 - 1. Their second match against  Nichols and Heap was completed in two sets, the score being 6 - 2, 6 - 3.

Martin German and  Craig Horton brought some pride to the G team, winning their second match ion two sets 6 - 3, 6 - 3.

Play was intermittent due to very heavy rain.

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