April 14, 2021

Deputy County Safeguarding Officer

The County are currently looking for a volunteer who would be interested in a role in the county as a Deputy County Safeguarding Officer.

This would primarily be to assist and cover for Alison Tuck who is our current County Safeguarding Officer.

Please see the full details about the role and if you are interested please email Jo Marks (office@hwlta.org.uk) expressing your interest in the position along with a contact telephone number by 30 April 2021.

Anyone who expresses an interest will be contacted by Jo Marks or Alison Tuck to have a chat about the position.

Please feel free to pass this onto to anyone you know who you think may be interested.  It does not necessarily need to be someone who is already involved with tennis but we would like someone who has some experience in safeguarding.

Deputy County Safeguarding Officer

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